What Are Facebook Ads? A Basic Overview

Today, we are going to talk about what are Facebook ads. SEO contains many things and we are not going to stop talking about SEO but today, it’s time for a new topic. It’s going to be a basic overview of what Facebook ads is and what does Facebook ads contain, etc.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are those that you advertise on Facebook, Instagram and their audience network. There are difference types of ad formats and places you can advertise your ads.

You can target your audience, schedule your ads, and budget as well.

What Are Impressions On Facebook?

Impressions are when a user sees your ads. It will count as one impression, and if two people see them twice, it will count as four impressions.

What Is Reach On Facebook?

Let’s take the same example: if a single user sees my ad, then it will count as one reach. But if two people see my ad twice, then it will count as four impressions and two reach.

Difference Between Impression And Reach?

Even if the impression is not available in the viewport, Facebook will still cut money from your budget.

The impression will always be higher than the reach because: 

  • Reach: Number of unique users.
  • Impression: A single user can see your ad 5 times, and that will count as 5 impressions.

What Is A/B Split Testing?

If you have 2 variations of your ad copy then you can perform an A/B split testing. If you are unsure and want to add your ad copies in different places, then you can do A/B split testing.

Frequency Cap

Suppose your CPM is 1000. Now, it will be up to you how many people you want to show your post or video to. You can either show it to 100 people 10 times, 200 people 5 times, 500 people 2 times, or 1000 people only once.

Daily Budget vs. Lifetime Budget

Daily budget is the client’s daily budget.

Facebook is restricted from showing your ads to more users. On a daily budget, if your budget is $500, then Facebook can spend $50 on the first day, $100 on the second day, and $150 on the third day. 

Facebook wants to show more on the fourth day but can’t because your daily budget is fixed. 

Lifetime Budget: With a lifetime budget, Facebook can spend $1,000, reach more, and spend all your budget, but your budget will not hold back on this.

For more on this, check out this: Facebook Ads Daily vs. Lifetime Budgets: Pros & Cons and How to Set the Budget for Your Facebook Ad

Advantage Campaign Budget

If you have a big budget and you are using multiple adsets, then in that case, if one adset is not performing well, then in that case, Facebook will take that money from that adset and transfer that money to that adset that is performing well. 

But remember one thing: if you have 3 adsets, and 2 adsets contain 10,000 users and the other adset contains 100,000 users, then Facebook will focus on the adset whose users are more. 

In Advantage Campaign Budget, you can tell what the minimum and maximum daily amounts are that every adset can spend. 

What’s the point of running ads on Facebook? What do advertisers achieve from Facebook ads?

Advertisers can achieve many things. If a company has launched a new product, they can use Facebook ads to inform their audience about it by picking a brand awareness objective.

They can reach new, unique visitors. 

They can bring traffic, and that traffic can become leads as well, and you will run a lead generation campaign for that. And you can also remarket to those people who haven’t converted yet after visiting your website.

If you want to promote your app for conversion as well.

You can use the audience network as well. If your app and/or website are integrated with Facebook, then you can run ads on that app and/or website through Facebook because its API is connected with Facebook but not owned by Facebook. Facebook will charge the advertiser, take a share, and give the rest to the advertiser.

To gain followers. If you have a lot of followers, people will consider you before contacting you or even interacting with you. They would want to check on you or your brand.

And if you have followers, they will consider whether they want to interact or not.

It’s all about hype. Even published artists do this when they shoot a video. They push that video so it gets a lot of views, and people will think, If it has gotten a lot of views, it must be a good video.

How many types of ad formats are there on Facebook?

There are 4 types of ad formats on Facebook.

  1. Image
  2. Video
  3. Carousel
  4. Collection

How many engagement metrics are there on Facebook?

There are five types of engagement metrics on Facebook:

  1. Like
  2. Comment
  3. Share
  4. Link Click
  5. Profile Visit

How Many Are These Ads, And Where Do They Appear?

There are 14 types of ads. 

And these ads are shown on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. These are called placements.

  1. Facebook
    1. In-Feed
    2. Stories and Reels
    3. Video
    4. Search Results
    5. In-Stream video
    6. Right Corner
  2. Instagram
    1. In-Feed
    2. Stories and Reels
    3. Explore
    4. Search Results
  3. Messenger
    1. Home
    2. Messenger List
    3. Stories
  4. Audience Network
    1. Partner Apps and Websites
      1. Rewarded Video Ads 
      2. Banner, Interstitial Native

Audience network basically means that if your app and/or website are integrated with Facebook, then you can run ads on that app and/or website through Facebook because its API is connected with Facebook but not owned by Facebook. Facebook will charge the advertiser, take a share, and give the rest to the advertiser. 

For example, if you run a campaign on Facebook and only target a certain audience network.

Some are shown on Facebook; some are on Instagram; some are on Facebook Messenger; and some are on the audience network.

How Many Ad Levels Are There On Facebook?

There are 3 ad levels, and those are:

  1. Campaign
  2. Ad Set
  3. Ad Copy

Traffic or Conversion Locations?

Where do you want your visitors to go after they click on that CTA (call-to-action) button?

  • Website: If you are selling a course, you can send visitors to your website so they can buy a course from you.
  • App: You know about UBER. If you have an app If a visitor comes and clicks on that CTA button, they will go to an app.
  • Website and App: If you want to go to Amazon but there is no website, then you would go to the app.
  • Facebook Messenger: In this case, if you have a small business and don’t have a website or don’t want one, or maybe you have just started your business, you would want to talk to customers and get to know them by yourself via chatting.
  • WhatsApp: Same thing with WhatsApp.
  • Calls: This can work with real estate customers. If they are interested, you want your customers or prospects to call you directly.

Why Am I Seeing This Ad?

I am pretty sure you have also wondered and asked yourself this same question, Why Am I Seeing This Ad?

Let me tell you why? You are seeing that ad because it’s based on your interests, and behavior.

Maybe the advertiser’s target interests are: Music, property, and Sports.

And since you like sports, you are seeing this ad. 

Or it could also be because the advertiser targeted a certain age range between 25-55.

How Many Campaign Objectives Are There In Facebook Ads?

There are 5 types of campaigns:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales


When it comes to Facebook ads, knowing and remembering all these things are necessary before you start running your ads. It will take time. In order to run Facebook ads, you should know why you are running a campaign? What’s the objective? What’s your budget?, etc.


Q1. What is ads center?

You can run ads via ads center. You boost a post, choose a budget, select basic audience. And after doing all these things, post will show up only on your Facebook and Instagram feed.

Q2. What is ads manager?

Ads manager is basically, it manages ad accounts .. You can also add multiple ad accounts. In ads manager, you have more control than ad center. You can create multiple campaigns, multiple ad accounts, and pages as well. You can target your audience in-depth and use tracking as well.

Q3. What is the difference between ads center and ads manager?

In ads center, you don’t have much control. Facebook controls 70% of the time. You can’t target your audience deeply. And when you use ad center, your posts will only show on your Facebook feed and Instagram feed.

Q4. Do I need a FB page to run ads?

Yes. In order to run ads, you need to create a page for that. Even if you are a public figure, you will create a page of your name and then start running ads. You run ads on behalf of your page.

Q5. What is a Facebook page?

A Facebook page represents a brand or a business, organization or any other entity. You can post on your page, run ads on page’s behalf. You can follow other pages and others can follow your page as well but they can’t add you as a friend because it’s a page instead of a personal Facebook profile.

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