What Are Backlinks & Why Are They Important For Your Website

What Are Backlinks?

A backlink is when a link is coming from another website to your website. If you are receiving a link from another website, it’s a backlink for you, also called an inbound link.

The website that is giving you the backlink, will become an external link for them.

Then there is an internal link.

Internal links are those that go from one page to another page of the same website.

Search engines see backlinks as a sign of trust and confidence.

Pages that have lots of backlinks rank higher on search engines. Backlinks should be from trusted, authoritative, and high quality websites.

Now that you now know what are backlinks. It’s time to jump into the next section. Shall we?

Why Are Backlinks Important For SEO?

Backlinks from trusted, authoritative, and high quality websites, can be important in multiple ways, including:

  • Can send traffic from other people’s audiences
  • Can improve your rankings
  • Gives your website credibility
  • It can help Google find new pages

How It Can Improve Your Rankings?

If you get a link from a website that has been there for years and Google considers that website trusted, authoritative, and high quality. Then it will make your website credible and trustworthy as well.

Think like this, if there is a person who is trusted by everyone and knows what he or she is doing, and that person shows his/her trust in you, then everyone else would find you trustworthy as well. Oh, and that person has authority there as well.

Same with Google.

But make sure you get a link from a high-quality website, and your niche should be relevant.

Also, keep an eye on your referring domains – How many domains are linking to you. If you are getting backlinks from different sites, it means you are trustworthy.

Think of it like word of mouth; you won’t trust anyone blindly. But you may trust someone or some business because some of your friends recommended it to you.

Backlinks are great, but do those links increase your credibility? When you get links from credible websites. It helps your rankings, but you also become a credible source in your niche, and people start trusting you.

Referral Traffic

You can get referral traffic via Guest posting. When you write for other people’s websites and, in return, they link it to you, it’s a dofollow link. We will learn about dofollow a bit later in this article.

They get the post, and in return, they will give you the link (backlink).

When they link it to you, their audience can come to your website and explore it, and if they link it, they will read and stay.

Not only will this send traffic to your website, but it will also increase your brand.

Helps Google To Find New Pages

When search engine crawlers come to your website to scan. It is visited through links. By using internal linking, crawlers can find your other pages easily.

Types Of Backlinks

There are many types of backlinks. Understanding them is important because it can help your link building strategy:

DoFollow Link

When someone gives you a dofollow link. It also means they are giving you their authority, trust. They are giving their traffic, but with dofollow, it also means authority and trust. And when someone gives a dofollow link, that means, when crawlers come, they will crawl this link as well and come to your website.

There is no attribute for this because, by default, every link is followed.

This is what a dofollow link looks like in HTML code:

<a href="https://www.domain.com/">this is a follow link</a>

Nofollow Link

You may think this could be a spammy website. In cases like this, you usually give a nofollow link. You are giving the link, and it will send traffic to another person’s website, but you are not giving your authority or trust. And when crawlers come, they will not see this link because this link attribute is nofollow. Therefore, search engine crawlers will come and ignore it.

This is what a nofollow link looks like in HTML code:

<a href="https://www.domain.com/" rel="nofollow">this is a nofollow link</a>

User-Generated Content

UGC or User-Generated Conent links are created by users or customers, and UGC can let Google know via UGC links.

With the help of this, webmasters can know that they don’t endores those links that are editorially endores on their sites. Examples would be forum posts and blog post comments.

This is how a UGC link will look:

<a href="https://www.domain.com/" rel="ugc">this is a UGC link</a>

Paid or Sponsored Links

If there is a product or a service, or money is provided in exchange for a link, this attribute (rel=”sponsored) will be added:

<a href="https://www.domain.com/" rel="sponsored">this is a sponsored link</a>

Editorial Links

When someone gives a link naturally. It feels so nice!

Editorial links are like that. This type of link is something you earn naturally because of your good work. And this is a dofollow link.

Link Schemes

Link schemes. Don’t do it. Google will penalize and it will affect your rankings negatively. 

Link schemes, or link spam, are intended to manipulate search engine rankings. 

Some of the examples are:

Giving money, products, or services to buy links. Kind of like a bribe.

Exchange links. For example, in this case, people will say, If you give me the link, then I will also give you the link.

They can also use automated programmes to create links to your site.

If you’ve participated in such link schemes, disavow them. What this means is that you are asking Google to ignore those links that are referring to your site.

Google only recommends disavowing those links for which you have paid for them or participated in any link schemes. Spammy links that are out of your control can be ignored by Google.1

disavow links by semrush
disavow links by semrush

How To Get Quality Backlinks?

There are many ways to do this. First and foremost, create great content. If you create great content, people can link to it.

You can do how-tos or write about that thing that you have the authority and expertise to talk about, and people can use that as a source and give you a backlink.


Help A Reporter Out (HARO). This is a helpful way to get a backlink. When you go to their website, choose source, and then they will send you a list on which you have expertise. Pick one and start.

Send your answers on time. Don’t be late.

Pick that topic where journalists are asking for multiple experts.

And if they use you as a source, they will link it to you. They will get what they are looking for, and you will get a link from an authoritative website.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting or Guest blogging When you write content for another website. Like above, you can see the value exchange as well. They will get the content, and you will get a link, but not only a link; their audience will read your post. So, you are getting exposure, and from that link or post, if people like it, they will come to your site to read more and probably become new leads.

Link Authority

Before writing, check who you can write for and who has authority because you want to write for those websites that have link authority. Check what their link authority is.

Relevant Niche

When you pick a website for guest posting, make sure it’s relevant to your niche. If not, Google will count this as spam.

And yes, be careful. When you are writing for a website, make sure the organic traffic to that website is consistent.

Check out these two videos by Ahrefs on how to get quality backlinks:

Link Building Tactics for Beginners – 3.4. SEO Course by Ahrefs:

How to do Blogger Outreach for Backlinks – 3.5. SEO Course by Ahrefs:


Backlinks are one of many things that can not only help your website rank high on search engines but also improve its credibility and trustworthiness.

Because credible websites in your niche start linking back to you, you become a credible source, and people start trusting you in your niche, which also helps you gain authority because it shows that when you talk about something that is related to your niche, you know what you are talking about.


Q1. Do backlinks improve SEO?

Yes. Backlinks help your ranking, and if you get backlinks from a credible, trustworthy, and authoritative website, it will increase your ranking because, for Google, backlinks are like votes of confidence.

Q2. What is internal link in SEO?

When a link is going from one page to another page of the same domain. It also helps search engines navigate your website since crawlers go to different pages with the help of internal links.

Q3. What is an external link in SEO?

When a link is going from one domain to another domain. It is a hyperlink.

Q4. What is an inbound link?

When a link is coming from another website to your website, that is called inbound link.

Q5. What is outbound link?

When a link is going from your website to another website, that is called outbound link.


  1. What Are Backlinks & Why They Matter for SEO

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